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Digital China won the "2020 微软 Partner of the Year Award (China)"
Date of issue:2020-07-15
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On July 14, 2020, Beijing time, the list of winners and shortlisted candidates of the 2020 微软 Partner of the Year Awards was officially announced.

Digital China (000034. SZ) is the only cloud service provider to win the "微软 Partner of the Year Award (China)" by virtue of its powerful cloud management service capability, outstanding digital application solution capability in data application, artificial intelligence and other aspects, as well as its outstanding contribution to providing value-added services for Industry and enterprise customers based on 微软 technology. This is after digital China became the only Chinese enterprise nominated as 微软 learning partner of the year by 微软 in 2019 and won the title of "top MSP partner of the year" by 微软, and won the heavy recognition from 微软 again.

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