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DC Clouds | DataStax enters China, and Digital China helps Cassandra land in China!
Date of issue:2022-03-01
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DataStax, a world-renowned database manufacturer, entered China recently, and Digital China joined hands with it to become its first partner in China. The two sides will cooperate deeply in many fields such as marketing, technology, business and market development to provide customers with more valuable data products, technical services and solutions.

As a leading cloud and digital service provider relying on its full-stack cloud service capability, Digital China provides full-life-cycle products, solutions and services for government customers at different stages of digital transformation, as well as customers in finance, retail, automobile, education, manufacturing, cultural, tourism, medical and other industries, and promotes the digital transformation of traditional enterprises. Based on unremitting efforts in the IT market, the company has built a huge ecological network covering the whole country, the whole industry, the whole product range and the whole life cycle. Through the network, Digital China can accurately and efficiently deliver products, solutions and services according to customer needs and industry attributes.

As the top project of Apache, Cassandra’s distributed, decentralized, flexible, scalable, highly available and high-performance database is cutting edge in technology. With the increasing demand for Cassandra’s commercial database products in the industry, Jonathan Ellis, chairman of the Apache Cassandra project, and his colleagues chose to set up DataStax Company in the United States in April 2010. It is the largest Cassandra database software development and consulting company in the world, having served more than 400 world-leading customers, with many successful cases in the fields of finance, telecommunications, securities, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, transportation, logistics and payment.

Based on the sorting of open-source codes, DataStax Company continuously tests, improves and enhances its data management system, forming a corporate database product DataStax Enterprise (DSE). Integrating Spark/Graph Database/Solr, the product boasts rich inquiry, search, analysis and computation functions, advanced reliability and excellent usability, and can help customers simplify infrastructure while greatly cutting costs. Furthermore, DataStax’s technical team has also launched Luna series services, through which stronger technical support is provided for Cassandra users.

Now, DataStax has chosen to enter the Chinese market. As a leading partner in digital transformation, Digital China will make full use of its ecological advantages, integration solutions and cloud MSP strength to help DataStax take root in China in terms of localized deployment and cloud native business.

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